How to choose suitable vending machines for your business?

smart fridge vending machine,egg vending machine,ice cream vending machine

If you have idea to start your bussiness with vending machines, I would like to say that's a greatv vision, cause unmanned retail is a very hot industry in the future.

So, how to choose a suitable vending machine for your business? If you don't know anything about vending machines business, I'd glad to give some adivice.

  • Snack and drink:

Vending machine for sale snack and drink is nothing new now, and most vending machines can sell snack and drink, but I will give you different solution.

Micron smart fridge

Suitable for many kinds of product, snack, drink, fresh fruit, sandwich, glass bottle drink...

You just need swipe your card, open the door, and take any products you want, and close the door, the machine would knows how much to deduct.
Smart fridge:

Micron spiral vending machine


Also we have some tranditional vending machine(it looks tranditional, but it'not), it has great capacity can hold up to 315 drinks, and we have smart software which can control the machine on the mobile phone and computer, and you can upload some pictures and advertisements of the products to dispaly on the machine's screen.
Micron spiral vending machine:
  • Farm produce: vegetable, egg, cheese, meat, milk, ice cream...

Micron smat fridge

Micron cooling locker vending machine

Micron cooling locker vending machine is the one of our hot seller, suitable for some fragile and irregular product: frozen meat, egg, oyster, cake, even flower.

We can customize the lockers size for your products.

Micron cooling locker vending machine:
  • E-cigarette/Vape:

Vape is one of the best selling commodity in the world, and vending machine is the best way to sell vapes.
Mini vending machine:
This mini vending machine can be hung on the wall, and it won't occupy too much space, and the screen can diaplay advertisement to attract customers.

Our smart software system can help you to remote turn on/off the machine.

If you want more capacity, our Micron 55 inch touch screen is a good choise.


Wine/champagne/other glass bottle drink:

This vending machine have elevator to keep wine from breaking, and it has age verify.

Smart firdge and cooling locker are also good idea to sell glass bottle drink.
We accept customize and offer OEM/ODM service.
If you're interested, please contact us, we can offer the best solution for you.

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