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Vegetable, fruit, egg, frozen meat, seafood

Smart fridge

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What's smart fridge?

Smart fridge vending machine is a new type of vending machine, provide graband go shopping experience to end user.A vending machine flexible for most kindsof product. It's the future of vending business.

Choose which door you want to open


Grab products you want, purchase completes automatically

Each good tray have weight sensor, you can set the price and weight of the product in our server, for example, coke cola is 0.34kg and 2$, so when cusotmer take a product, the machine will compare the weight difference before opening and after closed the door to know what product is tooken, and charge the customer.

How smart fridge work?

Is smart fridge vending machine technology stable enough to use?

Yes, In china market, already arround 20% of vending machine in the market are smart fridge vending machine. And Micron Smart Vending is one of the mainjor supplier of smart fridge, already export to 20+ countries and getting good feed back. Below some customer feedback.


1360g (4 Cola)


1020g (3 Cola)

Difference:1 Cola=340 g

Charge:1 unit price

Customer case

Snack and drink vending machine in Singapore
micron smart vending machine
Netherland: Snack drink vending machine in Netherland Micron smart fridge vending machine
Spain: Micron beer and wine vending machine in Spain
USA: Fruit Snack Drink Vending Machine in USA. Micron Smart Vending.
USA: Snack Drink Vending Machine in USA Micron Smart Vending Machine to Sell Coca cola and Chips
Austria: Snack drink beer vending machine with age verify in Austria

NO RFID, use weight sensor

Unmanned, 24/7 service

New level of service without increase in personnel costs

Smart software system

Energy saving setting

Increased revenue

Support to set different degreecentigrade according to the environment change, so as to bemore energy efficient.

Real time sales statistics and inventory management to optimize operation

Grab n go, only need 10s, support to buy many iems at the same time

Extended business hours and locations

Reduce operation costs, fast filling, save 70% time

Better experience

Key benefit

About Us

Micron Smart Vending is an award-winning vending machine manufacturer in China with over 8 years of experience in offering both state-of-the-art vending machines and online management software.

Our advantages

Export & Manufacutrer experience

·Exported to more than 50 countries.

·30,000 vending machines in the field in 8 years.

Industry-leading software

·Use Amazon cloud servers both in Singapore & HongKong.·Faster and more stable.

Software system

·Cloud base intelligent software·Remote operation on phone & laptop

Efficient service

·Experienced international trade team.·Respond within 24 hours.

Premium hardware

·Integrated molding refrigerated tank.

·Double tempered full glass.

·Excellent insulation.

·Anti-rust galvanized cabinet.

MQTT transmission

Low failure rate

After-sales guarantee

·1 year warranty on the whole machine.

·Send spare part by air for free in emergency.

·Respond within 24 hours.

Bank-level encryption protocol ensures data security.

·Use the first line brand compressor.

Hardware advantages

1. Adopt one-time forming fridge, no additional splicing process, stronger thermal insulation ability.

2. The extraction port has a large space and a depth of 280mm. It supports shopping carts, and more purchases will not be stuck.
3. Full glass door, no splicing, beautiful, strong sealing performance, support remote glass defogging.
4. Well-known brand compressor, low failure rate.

Certification and Patent


On- sales
1. Professional suggestion on vending solution. Software/Hardware.
2. Provide Smart Vending system. Advanced IOT technology, cloud base server.
3. Accept OEM/ODM Make custom design, or put customers'logo.
4. Provide SDK/API for technical integration need.
5. Accept Customization. Software/hardware.
7. Fast response, within 24 hours, email, video call, WhatsApp.
8. Provide drawing confirmation before production.
9. Support inspection video or third-party factory inspections.

1. Detail instruction. User manual, YouTube video(118 videos in our YouTube channel), video call, etc.
2. Spare parts. sent with every Machine.
3. One year warranty free spare parts sent to you by air if any failure.
4. Always remote tech support. Solving your problem is our mission.
5. Latest technology. OTA upgrade your machine for new feature.
6. Regular customer visits, to ensure service quality.

Purchase process

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