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automated convenience store vending machine
Vending Machine Convenience Store
Convenient, affordable, and accessible vending machines for convenience store
free match vending machine
1 set
US $2250.00 - US $3463.00 / set
  Traditional Convenience Store  
  Vending Machine Convenience Store  
pros and cons between traditional convenience store and vending machine convenience store 
  Vending Machine Convenience Store  
Spiral Vending Machine + Locker Vending Machine + Smart Fridge Vending Machine 
vending machine convenience store with spiral vending machine locker vending machine smart fridge vending machine


spiral vending machine for snacks drinks personal hygiene products vending machine convenience storespiral vending machine for snacks drinks personal hygiene products healthcare products vending machine convenience store

Spiral Vending Machine: This innovative vending machine offers a diverse range of daily necessities, ranging from snacks and beverages to essential healthcare and personal hygiene products. Equipped with an optional elevator system, it ensures the safe dispensing of delicate items such as glass-bottled beverages, wines, and more.

locker vending machine refrigerated and ambient for farm produce frozen food flower bread in vending machine convenience store locker vending machine refrigerated and ambient for farm produce frozen food flower bread in vending machine convenience store

Locker Vending Machine: Our versatile locker vending machine can maintain refrigerated temperatures ranging from -18°C to 20°C or operate at ambient temperature. It boasts customizable locker sizes and the flexibility to accommodate a wide array of products, including farm-fresh produce, frozen foods, flowers, bread, as well as smaller items such as tools, electronics, and valuables.

smart fridge vending machine for fresh fruits vegetables snacks drinks ready meals in vending machine convenience store          smart fridge vending machine for fresh fruits vegetables snacks drinks ready meals in vending machine convenience store

Smart Fridge Vending Machine: Available in both single-door and double-door models, our smart fridge vending machine offers exceptional versatility. It can function as either a refrigerator or freezer, making it suitable for an extensive selection of items. This includes snacks, beverages, fresh fruits, vegetables, ice cream, and ready-to-eat meals like sandwiches, salad boxes, and cupcakes.

 Available Products 

vending machine convenience store offers snacks drinks groceries convenience foods
vending machine convenience store offers household supplies healthcare products personal care items
vending machine convenience store offers gifts novelties stationeries electronics

 Smart Operating System 

smart vending system remote checking real time salas data of vending machine convenience storesmart vending system remote setting price discount temperature of vending machine convenience store

 Ways to earn 

3 different ways of vending machine convenience store to earn

 Total Cost 

Spiral vending machine
Locker vending machine
Smart fridge single door
Smart fridge double door
Vending Machine
Convenience Store


This vending convenience store is designed to be a free match with a combination of spiral vending machines, locker vending machines, and smart fridges, or exclusively consist of any one of these types. It may vary depending on the product's categories and dimensions, the store's location, size, and target customer base...

Our vending machine convenience store is equipped with a smart vending system that provides customers with a better shopping experience. Customers can check product details on the touchscreen, buy up to 5 items in a single transaction, and enjoy exclusive discounts. The vending machines can be fixed with multiple payment systems for coins, cash, e-wallets and bank cards, ensuring a smooth and flexible checkout process for customers. 

With our focus on offering a variety of solutions for different businesses, we are confident that our convenient, affordable, and accessible vending store will emerge as the ideal solution for retailers worldwide. If you're looking to launch a convenience store that sets a new standard, we're here to help. Get in touch, and let's discuss how our vending solutions can make your vision a reality.

 Why Choose Us  

Challenges of opening a vending machine convenience store:

  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited Space
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Product Selection
  • Payment
  • Technical Expertise

Our advantages:

  1. Affordable Entry: We offer cost-effective solutions, reducing the barrier to entry for aspiring vending machine convenience store entrepreneurs.

  2. Space Optimization: Our vending machines are designed to fit various locations, maximizing space utilization.

  3. Efficient Inventory Management: Smart vending machines with advanced inventory tracking minimize restocking effort and waste.

  4. Reliable Maintenance: We provide an 18-month warranty and prompt delivery of spare parts, ensuring minimal downtime. We have YouTube videos for instruction and make a WhatsApp group for after-sale services.

  5. Customizable Product Selection: Our machines can be tailored to your target audience's preferences, staying ahead of market trends.

  6. Payment Options: Enhance security and convenience with cashless payments, such as e-wallets, bank cards and member cards...

  7. User-Friendly Interface: Easy operation, even for those without technical expertise.

  8. Smart Operating System: Remote management, sales reports, advertising, temperature, and error alerts for seamless operations.

By choosing our vending machine convenience store solutions, you're not only investing in reliable machines but also in a comprehensive ecosystem that supports and simplifies your vending business, ensuring success in this competitive market.

Customer Case
vending machine convenience store smart fridge vending machine selling beers vegetables seafood frozen meat in China unmanned retail storevending machine convenience store locker vending machine for selling farm produce egg in France
vending machine convenience store combo vending machine for selling meals and snacks with a built-in microwave oven in Philippine
vending machine convenience store locker vending machine for selling farm products in UK
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